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Our island Republic has known independence for a half-century and achieved more than many thought possible following our emergence on the world stage. Ousted from a union with our northern neighbor, we had to confront the task of building a nation on a mere sliver of territory, our only resource being ourselves.

More than five decades on, our identity as a people remains in flux. For some it is shaped irrevocably by past directives, for others, it exists still as a void. The Proletariat Poetry Factory seeks to place itself at a fictional point in our Republic’s time, where solidarity is found in the meeting of rhythmic words.

From the historical Chamber of Singapore's first Parliament House, six Servile Poets – symbolically representative of the five stars and crescent on our national flag – will explore themes of nationhood and construct new narratives though the medium of live poetry making.

Watch as the Servile Poets produce poems on analogue typewriters, in mental submission to the Supreme Controller’s productivity-maximising soundscape. Place your order by giving them a word and they will commit to their labour of reflecting and creating from their specific thematic realms.

Nominated Members of Poetry (NMPs) will be on site to recite your poem at the end of every one hour shift.

Poems will be written as per your request and performed at the timings below. Collect your poems at The Arts House from 1.00pm.

Venue: Chamber Room @ The Arts House


12.00nn - 4.00pm / Performance and poetry production

12.45pm, 1.45pm, 2.45pm, 3.45pm / Poetry readings (15 min sessions)

Pre-order your poems here at $6.00.

About Proletariat Poetry Factory

Founded by artist Rachel Goh and her brother Daren Goh, the Proletariat Poetry Factory is a satirical performance collective that has been mass-making poems since 2006.

Featured Poets

Farhanah Diyanah is a writer who feeds on the power of symbolism to craft relevant and relatable stories around interpersonal issues magnified through magic realism or absurdism. She taps into her knowledge of Malay language and literature and pursues collaboration with artists to explore different methods of storytelling and believes that the only purpose of art is to contribute to positive change in the world.

Dawn Teo is drawn to the written word as a way of expression. Theatre-trained and driven by curiosity, she is a graduate of Intercultural Theatre Institute and seeks to create theatre together with her visual art and music background. From theatre to poetry to design, she hopes to explore more artistic collaborations and is currently a Pirate Moony with nomadic creative studio In The Wild.

See Wern Hao is pursuing Law and Liberal Arts at the National University of Singapore and Yale-NUS College. His works have been featured in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Softblow, Forage Poetry Journal and Apercus Quarterly. He has also contributed to anthologies such as SingPoWriMo 2015/6 and Rollercoasters & Bedsheets.

Ryan E. Martin Ang is a Sociology undergraduate at NTU and former Editor-in-Chief of Coffee Stained Press and co-Chief Editor of Epiphany, NTU’s literature society. When not being made to read or write in pursuit of his degree, Ryan does so in pursuit of edification, entertainment, and extraneity. In several dictionaries, under the word “Nerd” is Ryan’s picture.

Nile Bowie is a writer and independent journalist covering current affairs in Malaysia and Singapore. From poetry to reportage, the written word is his medium of choice to catalogue his own experiences and interpretations of reality, one he believes to be governed only by chance and indifference. A student of existentialism, he is unapologetically far-left and an unflinching proponent of peace and equality.

Prasatt Arumugam is a writer who often finds himself passing his days among nature, even as he marvels at the little wonders he encounters even in Singapore’s own concrete jungle. Reluctant to refer to himself a poet, he never fails to be enlivened by the labour of wrestling thoughts onto paper in the right order when he finds the time to write amidst his busy schedule as an educator.

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Sat Jul 28, 2018
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore Singapore
Poetry Festival Singapore

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